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Chatting with God?

It probably felt great as a child; the idea that God - from on high - was personally interacting with you. High above in the starry sky you'd expect the gaze of a concerned Friend, who kept an eye on all things with necessary discretion.

Oddly enough, that sense of protection is enhanced when something bad happens to us. Because when things turns out better than we expected, we say: 'Thank God, it could have been much worse.' And that, indeed, is always possible.

But do you think that Christ was talking about personal assistance when he introduced God to be a father?

A single sparrow does not escape God's attention, he says. Nevertheless, you'll find the animal lying there, dead on the soft grass. If God notices anything, he demonstrably does not intervene.

But - you aks - are we not worth more than a bird or a flower? Maybe so. However, this doesn't mean that we enjoy more protection. What's more: we even envy the birds as they fly cheerfully through the air until a sudden death ends their short story. They rarely spend time in the slow and confrontational palliative department.

It seems that humans have to live differently; with more effort. A flower lives fully and determined, but as for us, we count our years and wonder what it all means. In short, we worry. And before we know it, we end up being religious. That is our attempt to upgrade our earthly experience with a heavenly sequel. We turn to God. And from God we expect reciprocity.

Just think of those people who regularly have a chat with Jesus during some charismatic celebration: hands in the air, eyes closed. The conversation - with a long string of words - rises up to the heavenly Partner. And - believe it or not - God talks back! At least that is what they claim. It seams that God's desires and plans are very similar to what man wants and desires. Handy!

Chatting with God; just like the Pharisee did, even though he is shown a red card from the Christ. The pious man's prayer was composed in such a way that his feeling of approval and protection was never threatened. Even though God was silent the whole time, the man heard a heavenly "Well done!" every time. Those who hear God, hear themselves.

'Stop chatting. Don't pray like the primitives. Don't write an essay. God already knows what's on your mind and what you're in need of. It is better to remain silent.' That's what the Christ sounds like.

We know the scriptures, but we don't believe them. After all, we were taught to storm the sky with requests and sighs. The sky, like a tightly ironed wailing wall that spans the firmament.

God is our lifesaver - we have thought - our talking point and our physician. When we speak, God is instantly available and fully interested; an ideal partner who'll never interrupt you. God, as an ideal human being who sits across us with a stethoscope, with personal attention and plenty of time. And preferably, with a secret medicine cabinet or a crystal ball.

Dear reader, do I disappoint you when I say that the personal conversation with God is just you talking? There is no two-way traffic. The hand of God has indeed let go; not out of indifference but to offer the opportunity to reach adulthood, autonomously and self-assured. That means it's time to stand on your own feet.

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