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Over the years, Ohmm has gotten to know different organizations and movements. Here we list a few with whom we maintain good relations. Feel free to explore these organizations to see if they can offer you added value.

And if so, will you let us know?


This movement wants to make people aware of the human condition. We humans are instinct-loving beings. The reason for our selfish behavior lies in the tension between this instinct and the thinking mind. If we can make this insight clear, this tension will disappear and everything will be ready for a life full of joy and connection.

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To prepare our world for a society based on unconditional love, Life Force unites all peoples all over the world to work this out concretely from the direct needs that live in your world. More info at

In Belgium there is the Belgium de jure Assembly that meets weekly online or on site to work this out. All people living on Belgian territory are welcome to get acquainted and to participate .

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Derde stem van One Voice
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Klankenbad 26-11-2023
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Actively experiencing what Unconditional means can be done by participating in the monthly meetings of Unconditional. This group of diverse people meditates, sings, dances and shares with each other in the church of Duffel to get closer to each other and to our world. Every religion, spirituality, vision is welcome.

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