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We all live with the weight of - as we call it - the human condition. This refers to the tension between our loving capacity and our selfish behaviour. Whoever is able to explain this contradiction and then resolve this conflict, will show humanity the way to a heavenly society. It's exactly what everyone is longing for. So, why this blog?


The quest for paradise - which is a truly united mankind - has always been the goal of religion. Especially the mystics of the many religions intuitively came to lofty insights to live life differently. Since the 1970s, the New Age movement started looking at people and the planet in a more holistic way. We seem to now be ready for the next step.

Today, a growing group of seekers are turning to holistic science. Which is the science that takes into account the existential questions and not just the empirical data. A full-fledged biological story about man will also address the questions of where altruism comes from and even where love originated. The great questions of life like 'what is the origin and what is the meaning of life' need to be answered by science.

Is man determined with carrying aggressive genes, or can we conclude that our human struggle is of a psychological nature? And if we suffer globally from an existential psychosis, then we must indicate its cause. Because doing so is what it takes for our tormented human soul to heal.

In all the writings we collect here on this blog, we try to prove that the cause of the human condition has been found, and that to increasingly embrace these insights and all that follows out of it, will bring forth the salvation of man.

In the first place, we turn to the meek and prophetic biologist Jeremy Griffith, who has devoted most of his life to this quest. He has managed to bring together the intense and common search of the greatest of thinkers since, indeed, they were all seeking somehow to explain the human condition. Griffith has succeeded in tracing and referencing the many inklings of so many people in this search. Finally, he was able to accomplish what no-one else until today was able to do and connects all these quests and discoveries with the use of scientific principles to finally achieve a credible and astonishingly clear explanation of the human condition. All this can be read in his magnum opus: FREEDOM - The End of the Human Condition

For all those who deem this book to be too thick, or too condensed, this blog might prove helpful. Therefore, read and reflect. Or download a copy of the book for free. Feel free to contact Raf Van Den Plas to connect with likeminded people who spend some time together studying the book.


This movement wants to bring awareness of the human condition. We humans are instinctly driven to love. The reason for our selfish behaviour is to be found in the tension between this instinct and the thinking mind. If we can clarify this insight, this tension will disappear and we can successfully start living together in real joy and unity.


UNCONDITIONAL combines live music performance with the sharing of universal and motivational insights; with meditation, affirmation and the opportunity to meet one another. It is also a place to meet people who share your quest for new possibilities and positivity without the need to embrace religion or church. 

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